Wifes first bi experience

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. We had been to a few swing clubs and had some soft interactions on the dance floor. One night at a vanilla party after everyone had left, Diane and the hostess ended up on the bed together and did some heavy petting, no oral.

Diane loved it and her curiosity was not only peaked, but had to be satisfied.

Wifes first bi experience

We fantasized about different scenarios and a couple more times at the club where Diane did some sexy dancing with another woman, but we still hadn't fulfilled her goal of complete give and take with another woman. We had gone to one house party where we satisfied our exhibitionist fantasy of fucking in front of other people. Those same hosts were throwing another one and we decided to go.

The party was really hot. Lots of sexy couples. One couple that showed up were an older more experienced couple than us, Stu and Angela. Stu was a charming handsome guy and Angela was a cute little dynamo of a blonde with a killer body. We spent a couple of hours on the periphery of the dance floor in the rec room, just chatting and wifes first bi experience. After a while Stu and Angela wandered off to check out the hot tub outside. That's the only encouragement I needed.

I turned Diane towards the door and we walked out to the hot tub area. We found Stu and Angela engaged in a pretty tight conversation with another couple. Not to be foiled, I leaned in towards Stu and whispered to him, Diane and I would be honoured to have them us upstairs. Stu's eyebrows went up and he introduced us to their new friends, apparently a couple they had partied with before.

Stu then whispered back to me, give us a moment, I'm sure Angela would love that and that they'll meet us upstairs. I told Diane what Stu said and she grabbed my hand and together we walked back into the house and up to the top floor and found an empty bedroom. Leaving the door open, I sat at the foot of the bed and brought Diane in to stand between my legs.

Wifes first bi experience

My hands ran up and down her legs and I caressed the outside of her panties. Then I stuck two fingers inside the outer edge and slid into a dripping wet pussy. You are going to have your first woman". Angela and Stu climbed on to the bed. Diane pushed me aside and scampered up beside Angela who leaned in and gave her a big kiss.

Wifes first bi experience

Angela proceeded to remove Diane's clothes until she was naked. Then she stood up and removed all of her garments and lowered herself back down on top of Diane for a juicy kiss. As the girls were feeling each other out, Stu and I disrobed and sat back down on the bed. Diane's legs were nearest to Stu and he started massaging her up to her thighs and then found what he was looking for as he entered a finger. I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered to him to just sit back. For now this was about Diane having her first woman I told him. To his credit he laid back with a Wifes first bi experience smile.

Angela worked her way down Diane. Taking her time with her breasts. Snaking her tongue down her stomach and Diane showed her appreciation by spreading her legs further apart and taking both hands and placed them on Angela's shoulders and gently prodded her lower. Angela lowered herself and for the first time Diane felt a woman's breath, tongue, lips and a well placed finger in her pussy.

After only a few minutes Diane started bucking and screaming as she came into Angela's mouth. Diane only took a moment to tell Angela that was amazing, and then pushed her back and preceded to work her way down Angela's body and the second first of the night, Diane went down on her first woman.

Wifes first bi experience

After Angela came the girls took a moment to hug and Diane thanked her for being her "first". The girls then looked at their men and as they got on their knees they crisscrossed in front of each other. Diane leaned down and took Stu in her mouth and Angela did the same to me. Don't worry, Stu is a master at oral and fingering. Diane is in for a treat. Let's watch. As if on cue Stu pushed Diane back and went down on her and in half a minute Diane was delirious with pleasure. Bucking and screaming. Stu then started fingering her vigorously. Not sure what his technique was but it put Diane even further over the edge.

After what must have been a double O, Diane pushed away from Stu and looked at me. I motioned for her to come to the edge of the bed and I turned her around, and with me standing at the edge of the bed I drove my cock into her pussy.

So hot and wet. I groaned and pushed in as deep as I could. Next thing I know, Angela had got on the floor and crawled in between my legs and wifes first bi experience bed and looking up she started licking my balls and shaft and Diane's pussy as I fucked her. Each lick produced a shockwave of pleasure through my entire body and I felt Diane quivering. I exploded and thought the top of my head was going to come off. We broke apart and all four of us laughed and agreed what a great time.

Wifes first bi experience

We never got together again with Stu and Angela, but we saw them several times at a club or a house party and each time we smiled knowingly at each other. Diane and Angela always kissed and Diane would whisper to her how special that indoctrination had been. You have the usual suspects praising your slurry little story. Write for them and you'll fade fast. Embellishments can actually be real in a story IMO.

OH and who are you?? We know Diane is shall I say a hot looking closet bi-sexual, which is interesting. You are on the other hand are a noname, maybe slightly reluctant husband. Gathered that from the other story, Bob would be good or Dick.

Wifes first bi experience

For what I call real embellishments, describe the parties a bit more, the party house maybe, the other people you two see, ect. We walked up to the large wooden entry door and rang. We were greeted by the hostess Lynn who was stunning. After greetings we were ushered in to the den and introduced to Bob, her husband, who cheerfully greeted us.

I noticed how large the house was and must have contained many, um play rooms, as drinks were brought. I have been in a house like that but not for a swing-party. When I try to write I play a movie in my head. Love the fact that you are recounting real experiences.

Some people want embellishment, some don't. We love the realness of the story. Don't be put off from just telling it like it was! I know that you author now know to include a little more backstory, character development, emotion, tension, drama, etc.

Wifes first bi experience

CarolinaDreamer gave you some great advice on your last tale, and it applies to this one just as well.

Wifes first bi experience

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