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Still in Still a bit anxious to go shopping en femme I started buying online. Beside all the sexy stuff I thought I need some casual clothes, a skirt and blouse. Well …. Oh my, I was sooo excited but then some evening I found myself fully dressed up on a hotel corridor heading to my first hot club party. It was mind blowing. The rest is history. A trans friend offered me to try a bridal gown. Of course it is connected to the special event but it also has a kind of an aura and magic that cannot be eluded. It was a great experience. Have you ever tried one? Just do and it will make you a woman whisperer.

When I had my outing in I started to experience the new world of outdoors. I had fun with trying new and casual outfits as an appropriate type of clothing for going public. It was so exciting and amazing. In I had my outing trans girl tumblr slowly started to appear in public. It was an important and also exciting time. A new world opened to me.

I was invited by a gurl friend for a weekend at her place. She gave me lessons in makeup and styling and - most important - she encouraged me to step out.

Trans girl tumblr

I had ordered a ton of new clothes and we made an all day long dress up show. I was so happy. In the evening we went out to a pub where other transgender meet. And the next day we went out for a walk in a public park. This is the first from I like the curves and the posing, I became more and more aware of my assets.

Hey you. My gesture seems to say that. Still kinda secretly in private but it reassured me to be on the right way. This is definitely one of my favorite photos from trans girl tumblr then. It was a summer evening in a trans friends apartment and I was so proud to wear a new summer dress. The wish to go out - and the suffer pressure - were increasing, I was in need of somebody to give me a hand.

Trans girl tumblr

Miah Interviews Marleen Sommer. I have met many fantastic girls like me here on Tumblr and it has occurred to me that I know very little about my friends. The days speed by and we correspond with strangers without even asking them who they really are. All too often, beautiful and interesting people are lost in the blogroll, passed over for monotonous reblogs of females with photoshopped on cocks and demeaning captions.

Remember, these are the opinions and reflections of individuals. When I first found her blog, I was in awe of Marleen, her beauty and style, and the amazing life she routinely shares photographic evidence of. Because of her seemingly supreme confidence, it took trans girl tumblr a long time to build up the courage to talk to her.

But, I was! What I learned and what you will read will seriously solidify what her friends and fans already know about her: Marleen is the complete package. I hope you enjoy learning about her as much as I did. Please enjoy my interview with Marleen Sommer!! Miah : Generally speaking: What is your age, where do you live, and in what area of life do you labor for money? My profession is a commercial office job in the automobile branch which I find very satisfying.

Miah : How long have you been your feminine self? Do you use a word as an identifier, like trans, genderfluid, crossdresser or something else, and why or why not? Marleen : My feminine self, the person you see in my blog, finally emerged about seven years ago when I decided to come out. I feel that I am transgender and also genderfluid. The meaning and content of such identifiers may vary depending on the countries and societies. In the end, I just want to be myself and live my life. When did you begin dressing feminine? Please take a minute and recollect your first memories of doing this.

Why did you begin? What did it feel like? How did this all start for you? Marleen : My story began more than 35 years ago. As a young man interested in girls and loving their outfits, I discovered the desire to try those sexy clothes and accessories for myself. I barely understood myself but I couldn't resist the urge. Considering my lack of experience and the opinions of society back then even in Germany I was ashamed and absolutely handled it as a total secret.

While I was exploring this very new experience of crossdressing, I also simultaneously learned to conceal everything I was doing. After a while, I could no longer handle it and threw all my few feminine belongings in the trash. This was my first awareness of the pressure dressing feminine and hiding it would put on me.

As you may guess, the desire to be my feminine self came back. I began buying new, more satisfying outfits, since I now had the advantage of knowing my sizes and how to act inconspicuously in a store. Remember, this was long before the internet. You had to go to a shop to buy clothes and shoes and you trans girl tumblr had to do research first to learn where to buy the items you were looking trans girl tumblr. It was exhilarating. These first explorations were also dominated by sexual elements. I was quite turned on by myself. I was simply dressed but I saw some satisfying female features.

I needed a third attempt two years later to come to terms with my strange preference. In an adult bookstore, I found a magazine with erotic personal. This is when I realized there were others like me! So, with better experience and more courage, I started to capture some trophies of my female appearance.

I was fascinated by the feel of a pantyhose and I was pleasantly surprised me when I put on high heeled shoes and felt how it changed my body posture. It was magic to feel the soft fabric of a particular item as I slipped into it. It was like the femininity transfered to me when I was dressed.

Trans girl tumblr

I was always skinny, even more so back then. I tried to compensate with slightly oversized male clothing as I tried to fight my complexes of not being man enough. I felt a deep satisfaction when my small shoulders fit into a M-sized dress. In this world, my smaller size was a blessing! I was "on" and from this point, and my joy and confidence skyrocketed. Miah : Thank you for sharing your beginnings with us. There are definitely some themes that pervade us all. What is the status of trans girl tumblr rights in Germany?

How do the people generally feel about people like us? And, most importantly, when you make a public appearance, how are you received? Would you recommend Germany as a safe place to visit to someone who is a gender nonconformist?

Marleen : The status of trans rights in germany is good. When compared to many other democratic countries it is above average. The human rights in the constitution are for everyone and were supplemented to include transgender in the last decade.

All state institutions are instructed to act respectfully to transgender people. Due to the fact that some female and male politicians and many people of public interest such as in sport, culture and media live openly gay and carry this liberal view to life to the population, the society got accustomed to it. In a way, it became kinda hip to discuss gender themes but for many others this is tiring already.

The health care system also is very open when some of us start a transition. The psychological and medical care are very good. In short, the people are generally open to transgender. Of course, there are some ultra conservatives, religious zealots and such, but these anecdotal groups trans girl tumblr in every country. When it comes to public appearance, Germany is safe for us in almost every casual situation. Yes, your feminine skill set and interaction level can affect this. Ina few months after I started coming out to family and friends, the wonderful Conchita, a bearded transgender from Austria, won the Eurovision song contest ESC.

The ESC is an annual big media show with an audience of million. It was a sensation and a triumph for our fight for rights and acceptance. I burst to tears when watching the announcement of her win.

Trans girl tumblr

It was so emotional. I adored her talent and courage so much and her proclamation "We are unstoppable" helped me a lot to keep moving forward in my own journey.

Trans girl tumblr

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